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SEMI membership opens the door to new opportunities and connections that grow your business. Only through membership can you take full advantage of SEMI programs, initiatives, and staff support that connect your customers, industry leaders, and market opportunities worldwide. Membership is open to all companies in the electronics manufacturing supply chain including semiconductor, flexible hybrid electronics, display, MEMS, sensors, and related industries. 

 Corporate Member

Suppliers of goods and services to the global electronic product design and manufacturing supply chain. For manufacturing this includes equipment, materials, subassemblies, components and industry specific support products, and services to semiconductor, display, MEMS, LED, flexible hybrid electronics and related industries. 

For the design ecosystem this includes providers of EDA software and hardware, IP, embedded software, design and verification services, software platforms used to build automation solutions, and design data management. 

Associate Member

Companies that design, manufacture, sell, or distribute semiconductor devices, displays, and related microelectronics. This includes, but is not limited to, integrated device manufacturers (IDMs), foundries, fabless, fab-lite, electronic design companies and software vendors that supply software to support design or manufacturing. 

Affiliate Member

Companies that provide products and services to facilitate development of the ecosystem, but are not specific to, or a part of, the design and manufacturing supply chain. Examples include publishers, freight forwarders, financial institutions such as investment banks, venture capital firms, analysts and other professional services firms. 

Allied Member 

Organizations that are not-for-profit research, education, advocacy, or regulatory services, including libraries, consortia, and academic institutions.